Fishalarm 4

Fishalarm 4

With buzzer & LED

For fanatic FishAlarmers 
(with move detection sensor)

  1. For all types of coastal fishing with a motor-powered fishing rod.
  2. It is fixed onto a low part of the fishing rod and is not removed at casting.
  3. It is not affected by moisture or rain.
  4. It works with the fishing line not fitted.
  5. It is activated automatically by the movement of the end of the fishing rod at sharp bites or line pullings.
  6. Sensitivity adjustment to weaker or stronger bites is achieved by slightly turning the indicator on the fishing rod to the right or left.
  7. At winds of up to 4,5 points on the beaufort scale and with the sensitivity adjusted to the maximum, it rarely gives wrong indication.

It operates with 2 alkaline batteries of 1,5Volt (8mm) 
Weight: 15gr 

It is not influenced by humidity and rain
Ideal for surf casting fishing - Guarantee of one year


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